High School & Junior High Summer

Volleyball Camps

Proven Principles. More Wins.

Our summer volleyball camps have helped programs achieve unparalleled success. There's no better way to prepare for your upcoming season!

Prepare Your Volleyball Program

For success

Our 4-day summer volleyball camps provide thousands of quality, intense reps for your athletes. We cover all of the fundamental skills and provide detailed sessions on both offensive and defensive systems. The amount of progress that can be made in 4-days still shocks us, even after 30 years!

The Results Are Gold

Our clients get results, with thousands of high school volleyball state championships won, and even more league, district and regional championships, many for the first time in program history!

A Program-Wide Experience

Get you, your staff, and your athletes using consistent verbiage and keys from the start. When simple, consistent teaching keys are used program wide, the rate of understanding, and learning skyrockets.

Year-Round Support

Your 4-day camp comes with year-round support from GMS and our staff. If you want a comprehensive and effective camp experience that comes with personal access to world-class coaches, look no further.

Take A Glimpse Inside Camp's Experience

Experienced Camp Staff

The coaches we send to you are the most valuable people in our organization, period.

Staff Overview

The best volleyball camps requires a quality coaching staff. Our camp staff members are required to complete a series of training steps prior to running a court. Furthermore, all of our staff members receive both client and peer evaluations after each camp they work. Our summer volleyball camp coaches have a passion for teaching — many have been with us for over 20 years — and it shows in our clients’ achievements.

Who Are They?

Each year we are contacted by hundreds of volleyball coaches looking to work camps for us. Only a select few are hired. The majority of our coaches have been working with us for years. They are current and former college coaches, professional athletes, and current collegiate athletes who are trained under the GMS methods. The majority of the coaches that we hire come highly recommended from people whom we really trust.

GMS Coaches Achievements

Some of our countries top coaches started their careers working GMS camps. Olympic gold medal winning head coach Hugh McCutcheon, 2-Time Olympic setter Courtney Thompson, 2-Time Olympic coach Mike Wall, Georgia head coach and 2016 Olympic assistant coach Tom Black, USA Women's assistant, and Gold Medal winning coach Luka Slabe, Arkansas Women's head coach Jason Watson, Former BYU Men's head coach Chris McGown, current Illinois head coach Chris Tamas and so many more! While these coaches no longer run summer camps for us, it illustrates just how talented those who develop in our camp program are.


Kind Words From Recent Camp Clients

Camp Pricing

Select an option that best fits your team.




  • 24 athletes minimum
  • We ask that you provide room and board for our staff

July And August



  • 24 athletes minimum
  • We ask that you provide room and board for our staff




  • 24 athletes minimum
  • Lodging, ground transportation and meals covered by GMS

How it Works


Dates & Deposit

The first step is to request both 1st and 2nd choice dates for your camp. We will be in touch with you, often times the same day, to give you the most up to date availability. If a date is agreed upon, we will request a deposit, due within 30 days.


Confirm Your Gym

Once we settle on a camp date, you will need to ensure that your gym is reserved. We will also discuss the total number of athletes that you anticipate, court space, hosting, and all other camp logistics to ensure a smooth and simple process.


Inform Your Athletes

Once we have your gym reserved, along with your camp deposit, we will review our athlete registration protocol with you directly. At this point, you can begin sending out information to your families in an effort to get everyone registered for camp.

Gold Medal Squared started running volleyball camps for junior high and high school programs back in the 1980s. While the majority of our camps are high school level, we do work with junior high schools, clubs and college programs. If you're a high school coach looking to build a lasting, successful program, there's no other group that can match our experience and track record.

Reserving your week of camp is easy. Simply hit the "coaches, book your camp" button at the top of this page and follow the instructions. We ask for two weeks, your 1st choice and your 2nd choice. Once we connect and determine the best week, we will send you a deposit invoice which is payable within 30 days (to officially lock in your week).

We ask that you have a minimum of 24 athletes attend camp. Having 12-14 athletes per court is optimal. If you have two courts we request 24-30 athletes. If you have three courts 36-40 is a good number and so on. We play a lot of six vs six during our camp so it's important that we have a minimum of 12 athletes on each court. We also ask that you have your groups organized prior to the start of camp. Because you are more familiar with the abilities of your athletes, this is a huge time saver and allows us to jump right in to teaching on the first morning.

For liability reasons, we do require a program representative to be present at all times. In terms of your coaching staff, we are very good at educating coaches right along with the athletes. We will put you and your staff to work running drills, giving feedback and more. If you're interested in learning from our staff, we strongly recommend attending the sessions.

Our 4-day summer volleyball camps are comprehensive. We will take the athletes through ALL of the fundamental skills, show your coaching staff how to run/score our drills, introduce team systems and play plenty of competitive volleyball. With nearly 28 total hours of on-court training teams show incredible improvement over the course of 4 days.

While we really like our 4-day camp schedule we are more than happy to make adjustments if needed. Most of our camps start on Monday and finish on Thursday. However, if we need to start/finish on different days just ask. Our ability to do this will depend on staff availability for your selected dates.

We have two options for room/board for our staff. The first is organizing host families, which is the more cost-effective approach. The second is opting for our all-inclusive package which builds hotels, meals, and a rental car in to the price per athlete.

Your camp deposit is 100% refundable up to 60 days before your camp start date. If you have extenuating circumstances, please reach out so that we can better understand your situation.