Hands Down the Best Summer Volleyball Camps, Period.

Summer Volleyball Camps

For over 30 years we have been providing the best summer volleyball camps for high school programs, period. With literally thousands of high school programs winning state championships, many for the first time ever, there's no better way to prepare you, your staff, and your athletes for the upcoming volleyball season.

Prepare Your Program for Success

Our 4-day summer volleyball camps provide thousands of quality, intense reps for your athletes. We cover all of the fundamental skills, including setting, and provide detailed sessions on both offensive and defensive systems. The amount of progress that can be made in 4-days still shocks us, even after 30 years!

The Results are Gold
  • The Results are Gold

    Our clients have experienced indisputable results, winning hundreds of High School Volleyball State Championships. Thousands of clients have won high school league, district and regional championships, many for the first time ever; many more year after year.

  • Building Relationships

    GMS makes a HUGE effort to support our camp clients year-round. We have spent thousands of hours helping volleyball coaches understand drills, write practices, deal with team issues; you name it! If you want a comprehensive camp experience with anytime access to world class coaches, look no further.

  • Quality Experience Program-Wide

    We are proud of our clients’ results, the relationships we have built, and the value of our camp experience. Our 4-day camp offers 28 EFFICIENT hours of training. Our coaches are committed to starting practice on time and following a schedule that optimizes reps. With no travel costs for your kids, there’s a lower registration fee than college camps, and significantly better results. GMS volleyball camps are a huge value!

A Glimpse Inside the Camp Experience

Reserve your week of camp now. No strings attached! Are you concerned about switching dates? No sweat! You can adjust weeks at any time. We pride ourselves on flexibility, organization and communication.

Experienced Camp Staff

The coaches we send to you are the most valuable people in our organization, period.

  • Staff Overview

    The best volleyball camps requires a quality coaching staff. Our camp staff members are required to complete a series of training steps prior to running a court. Furthermore, all of our staff members receive both client and peer evaluations after each camp they work. Our summer volleyball camp coaches have a passion for teaching — many have been with us for over 20 years — and it shows in our clients’ achievements.

  • Who Are They?

    Each year we are contacted by hundreds of volleyball coaches looking to work camps for us. Only a select few are hired. The majority of our coaches have been working with us for years. They are current and former college coaches, professional athletes who also coach and current college athletes who train within the GMS system. The majority of the coaches that we hire come highly recommended from people whom we really trust. We can help people become great coaches, but they have to be great people first.

  • Where Our Camp Coaches End Up

    Some of our countries top coaches started their careers working GMS camps. For example, Olympic gold medal winning head coach Hugh McCutcheon, Olympic bronze medal winning assistant coach Mike Wall, Georgia head coach and 2016 Olympic assistant coach Tom Black, Current USA Women's assistant coach Luka Slabe, Arkansas Women's head coach Jason Watson, Former BYU Men's head coach Chris McGown, current Illinois head coach Chris Tamas and so many more!

Where Our Camp Coaches End Up

Kind Words From Our Clients


Varsity Volleyball Coach

Tomorrow my high school team plays for the 5A state championship, and I just wanted to say thanks. With the help of GMS and especially the time you have given, our program has made huge leaps in the last three years. We are 44-4 and the number one seed going into tomorrow's match. Wish us luck.


High School Volleyball Coach

This season was our second year having a GMS Volleyball Camp. Both seasons we won the County tournament championship. Our program had never won this event in the 34 year history of the tournament. In my mind there's a direct correlation between the GMS experience and our success.


Varsity Volleyball Coach

We are having a fantastic season. We finished the regular season 16-0. We just won our league championship tonight, bringing us to 18-0. Winning the league championship and going undefeated are both first for us. Your summer camp played a huge role in our success. Thanks to the GMS crew!


High School Volleyball Coach

We are in our county tournament final on Saturday. I can't even begin to tell you what an impact our GMS camp had on our program. We are 17-6 and having the best year that we've had in many many years. Your camp got our season off to a great start and he haven't looked back. Thank you so much!


Camp Pricing

Select option that best fits your team


per athlete

  • 24 athletes minimum
  • We ask that you provide room and board for our staff
July and August

per athlete

  • 24 athletes minimum
  • We ask that you provide room and board for our staff
All-Inclusive Pricing

per athlete

  • 24 athletes minimum
  • lodging, ground transportation and meals covered by GMS


If you have specific questions or request regarding organizing a camp please don't hesitate to ask

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Common Questions

  • Who are these camps for?

    Our summer volleyball camps are designed for junior high, high school and club level programs. The majority of our camp clients Our summer volleyball camps are designed for junior high, high school and club level programs. The majority of our camp clients Our summer volleyball camps are designed for junior high, high school and club level programs. The majority of our camp clients Our summer volleyball camps are designed for junior high, high school and club level programs.

    Camps are open to any and all participants only limited by age/grade and number of participants.

  • What do i need to host a camp?

    We ask that you provide a minimum of 24 athletes at camp. 12-14 athletes per court creates the optimal learning environment for your athletes. If you are running a camp with 24 athletes that would require two courts. If you have 36 athletes we would need three courts and so on. Each court will need balls and a large whiteboard. If you are a small program and can't reach the 24 minimum email us to coordinate pricing logistics.

  • Who houses and feeds GMS staff during camp?

    We offer two options when it comes to our camp staff. The most popular option is for you to find host families that are willing to feed/house our staff during their stay. We ask that you provide airport transportation if the airport is nearby. If you do not want to host our staff we do offer all-inclusive pricing. With this option GMS is responsible for all logistics. This includes flights, hotels, meals, rental cars etc. Note that the price of flights are included in the price for either option.

  • Are there any other fees of costs?

    If you decide to host our staff this includes housing, meals and airport transportation. The most cost effective way to handle this is to get your parents involved. Parents are happy to cater lunches, plan team BBQs etc. Beyond hosting there's no additional costs. If you select the all-inclusive option GMS handles 100% of the camp logistics and costs. All you need to do is show up on Monday morning with your athletes. If you have any special requests please ask!

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Your camp includes the following:
    • 4 full days of training (schedule can be modified)
    • A professional and experienced camp staff
    • Setter tutoring sessions throughout camp
    • All fundamental skills are taught with great detail
    • Teams systems work and suggestions
    • Camp t-shirts for athletes, hoodies for the staff!
    • Camp manuals for coaches
    • Optional team video sessions
    • Personal, unlimited support from GMS advisory staff
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