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Build Your Coaching Foundation with Gold Medal Squared

Your Volleyball Education Hub

If you're training to repeat a championship win, building a program from the ground-up, new to coaching volleyball, or just a dedicated athlete looking for better ways to improve your game, than look no further. Gold Medal Squared has been educating coaches and athletes, just like you, for over 35 years!

Your Volleyball Education Hub

Summer Volleyball Camps

There's no better way to prepare you or your organization for your upcoming volleyball season. For nearly 30 years Gold Medal Squared has been running summer volleyball camps for high school and club programs in North America, Europe and Asia. We’ve helped thousands of programs at the juniors level win state, league and regional championships.

The success you see after working with Gold Medal Squared is long lasting; with many programs winning multiple championships!


  • Four full days and thousands of quality repetitions
  • In-depth coverage on all fundamental skills
  • Competitive, game like activities
  • Great training for your entire program
Volleyball Coaching Clinics

Volleyball Coaching Clinics

The best volleyball coaches clinic you will ever attend - We Guarantee It.

We are confident you will walk away from our coaching events inspired, challenged, and forever changed in how you approach coaching and training. If we don't change your life as a coach, we will happily refund your clinic tuition.


  • Unlimited personal interaction with our clinic staff
  • An in-depth look at motor learning
  • How to teach the fundamental skills
  • Offensive and defensive systems
  • And we don't just demonstrate drills, YOU run them!


Our new and improved platform designed specifically for volleyball coaches. Watch videos, view courses, learn new drills, create your own drills, plan your practices and more!

Included in GMS+ is the GMS statistics mobile app designed by world renowned statistician Joe Trinsey. All statistics gathered are automatically imported in to your GMS+ for detailed analytics.


  • GMS foundational video courses are included
  • Instructional videos
  • A huge drill library, including your own drill creator
  • Fully integrated statistics mobile app
  • Create custom practice plans or use our templates
Online Volleyball Courses

Online Volleyball Courses

The most structured, professionally done volleyball courses on the web!

At Gold Medal Squared we believe in quality, not quantity. We have produced a series of online courses that well organized and accessible at any time through your GMS account. Furthermore, six of our foundational courses are included in our standard GMS+ subscription package!


  • All fundamental skills courses are included with GMS+
  • Teams systems courses are included with GMS+
  • Purchase courses a la carte as well!
  • Well organized, easy to revisit as needed
How we do it?

How we do it?

We Simplify Teaching

GMS is founded on the the priciples of motor learning. We know that athletes have a limited ability to process GMS is founded on the the priciples of motor learning. We know that athletes have a limited ability to process GMS is founded on the the priciples of motor learning.

We Rely On Science

Our teaching methods are backed by science, research and data. We organize statistical studies on a regular basis which provides our staff and our clients with the most cutting edge information. We want our clients to get more than the latest fads. We like our ideas to be supported by science.

We Have Proven Principles

Contrary to popular belief, coaching principles are liberating, not restrictive. Sound principles allow volleyball coaches to build effective, tested systems around the abilities of their players. Creativity and principles can absolutely co-exist. This is when coaching volleyball gets fun!

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

There is NO other camp or clinic organization on the planet that has a track record that can match ours.

Olympic Medals

our staff has been a part of

NCAA Div I Championships

our staff has won

High School State Championships

our clients has won

League or District Championships

our clients has won

Start Simplifying Your Coaching Methods Today!

Build Your Coaching Foundation with Gold Medal Squared