What Makes our Camp Experience Great?

First, we have been running volleyball camps since 1985. We are total pros when it comes to organizing camps. We will make the process easy for you!

Second, our camp curriculum is comprehensive, challenging and proven to help high school programs see significant improvement. It's shocking how much better a team can get during our 4-day summer volleyball camps!


"In less then 24 hours my high school team plays for the 5A state championship, and I just wanted to say thanks. With the help of GMS and especially the time you have given our program has made huge leaps in the last three years. We are 44-4 and the number one seed going into tomorrow's match. Thanks for all the time you've given Kimri and I, and thanks for making us better coaches."

High School Volleyball Coach

"We are in our county tournament final on Saturday. I cant' even begin to tell you what an impact GMS has had on our program. We are 17-6 and having the best year that we've had in many many years. Thanks for everything you guys do!!"

HS Volleyball Coach

"This past summer Nicole and Katie (GMS Staff) put on a camp for our high school volleyball team. We want to thank them so much. We are League Champions for the first time in 22 years, heading to districts undefeated 14 and 0! Thanks for everything you guys do!

High School Volleyball Coach

Hi guys! Great news!!! My team is finishing up season play today. We have won the league, even though we were moved to the power league, and finished with more than double the amount of wins as last season! The newspaper has been reporting and following us a lot! Last year, the team was 7-14 overall, and 2-12 in the league, but this year we are 15-4 overall, and 13-1 in the league!!! This is my first year with the varsity team, as I was the JV coach for the past 4 years, and it is pretty much the same group of girls. I credit a lot of this turnaround to the information and drills I received through the coaching clinic in Boston! Thanks!!! Tomorrow we find out where we are seeded for post-season play! It's all so very exciting!"

Varsity Volleyball Coach

"We had a great season! We ended up 28-6 and were ranked 13th in the state of Nevada. The bad news is that we lost a heartbreaking state qualifying match to a very good team that ended up in the state championship match. I certainly want to pass along that we loved our camp coach, and I know that having a great camp prior to the start of our season certainly helped set the tone for our season. I am returning 7 players next year, so I am certainly expecting a lot from my girls next year!"

Varsity Volleyball Coach

"Wyoming 4A State Champions! GMS was AWESOME! I loved that they made the sport simple and fun for the girls! The biggest improvements made by my team, thanks to GMS, were Defense and Serving! Thank you so much for hiring great clinicians that are very thorough and fun!"

Varsity Volleyball Coach

"Thanks for all that GMS has done to help our program take the Georgia AAAA Volleyball State Championship. GMS got us all on the same page through our summer Team Camp. The players really began to come together, which led to a very special season. Thanks again to GMS!"

Varsity Volleyball Coach

"So we pulled it out! Defeated the #2 ranked team in the state to win the 3A League Tournament! We go into the 3A district tournament as the #1 seed. It's not how you start but how you finish! I have learned so much about coaching, x and o's as well as all the other intangibles. So much of what I've learned has come from talking with the GMS staff, coaches, the volleyball toolbox etc. Just wanted to say Thank you for all you do!"

High School Volleyball Coach

"Our season ended last night, 20-9-4, runner up in Districts and Conference Champs!! I appreciate so much what Gold Medal Squared has taught me about the game!!! Thanks again for what you do!!"

High School Volleyball Coach

"MKA is 18-1, undefeated in the conference, and have stood up well in weekend tournaments.\r\nWe owe a lot to our GMS camp at the beginning of the season, and we plan to make this an annual event. Thank you Gold Medal Squared!"

HS and Club Volleyball Coach

"Thanks for a great week of camp! It was great for our girls and great for our coaching staff. We loved every minute of it! Thank you for exceeding our expectations and making it a great week. I know a lot of planning is involved in something like this. We look forward to working with you all next year. I will definitely be keeping in touch."

Varity Volleyball Coach

"AWESOME! I am so excited! Your camp staff was amazing last year and both myself and the girls are very excited for this years camp. GMS has been the BEST investment of time and money for DHSVB! I know I am a better coach because of GMS and my team is a stronger, more competitive team because of it! Thanks so much!"

Varsity Volleyball Coach

"This is a pretty cool story: This is my same team from last year. I did not graduate anyone (last year we were 3rd in district and only made it to the 2nd round in playoffs). We began the Gold Medal Squared process after returning home from their volleyball clinic at Pepperdine. We consistently planned practice using the GMS book and used a white board every day in practice! Our girls really learned how to compete and play hard for each other and for points. We went 40-1 this year, won 3 public school tournaments, District Champs, and to finish.... were named TAPPS 5A State Champs! It was an amazing season! Thanks for all your help in our success!"

Varsity Volleyball Coach

"Just wanted to say thanks! Since GMS came out two years ago, our record has gone from 3-26 to 20-14, this past season. It was the first time in school history to have a team reach 20 wins! Thanks again!!!"

Varsity Volleyball Coach

"This season was our second year having a Gold Medal Squared Volleyball Camp. Both seasons we won the County tournament championship. Our program had never won this event in the 34 year history of the tournament. In my mind there's a direct correlation between the GMS experience and our success. Last year we had Matt and this year we had Ligia and both are phenomenal coaches. Ligia was in direct contact with me right up until the start of the finals. We look forward to bringing her back next summer! Thanks so much!"

High School Volleyball Coach

"We had a great season! We are the Division IA Champions and undefeated in league play heading into Regional playoffs. It's been a great season. Our freshmen team had an undefeated season and won the huge Green Valley B\/JV tournament just last week. I give a lot of credit to Gold Medal Squared giving our teams a strong base of skills to start our season with. Thanks!"

High School Volleyball Coach

"My team this year seems to be bunch of over-achievers. We lost six seniors (five were starters) from last year's team and four of my players are playing in different positions than last year, so I don't think expectations were very high for us. We are currently 9-0 in league and 14-10 overall. All of our loses have come from large schools because we go to large school tournaments to help increase our level of play. We are definitely making playoffs this year and hopefully a 4th league title. Our team defense has improved so much from last year and our serving is much more consistent. Thank you again for your camps and we are looking forward to it next summer!"

Varsity Volleyball Coach

"I attended a Gold Medal Squared Clinic in Rahway in December of 2010. I implemented practically everything that I learned from the clinic, GMS individual skills techniques, team defensive and offensive concepts, team drills, whiteboards for structured practices and of course the competitive cauldron. Our team went 37-2 this season, winning 2 invitational tournaments, a showcase tournament with the top 6 teams in NJ, our league, county, state sectional, and overall state championship. I am so thankful of the inspiration and knowledge I received at your coaching clinic. It was a dream season! Please let the entire staff know of our accomplishments and my appreciation for all of their help!"

Varsity Volleyball Coach

"I am thoroughly impressed with this organization and am very interested in working with you again in the future! Not only is the administrative end of the camp great, but the coaches were great as well. Even though I was unable to get back to you this week, I truly appreciated you calling and checking on how everything was going. I am a new coach taking over the volleyball program at my school and found that this camp was extremely challenging for my girls. The girls were physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. Although this sounds like negative feedback it really pushed my girls hard and for that I am grateful. Thank you and everyone else who made this opportunity possible! Our volleyball program is already better because of it!"

Varsity Volleyball Coach

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the excellent training and web support that helped improve this past spring boys volleyball season. Our High School Varsity Boys Volleyball team improved from a record of 1-31 over the past two seasons to a record of 11-5 this season. In addition, two of our boys were recognized for All-State Awards, two were invited to play in the Senior All Star game, and my JV Coach and I were named Coaches of the Year."

High School and Club Coach

"Thanks for checking in with us. We had a great season, the best we have had in years! We know the momentum started with such a great Gold Medal Squared Team Camp back at the very start of the season. We had a brand new coach this year (both new to us and new to coaching) so it was great that he was able to train under Geronimo at camp. Thanks for everything!"

High School Volleyball Coach

"We had another tremendous camp experience. The girls' are so excited to start the season in one week and continue building on what they learned at camp. It is especially exciting that they can watch the Olympics and see the GMS philosophies in action. Thanks again for always providing fantastic instructors. Our program is still somewhat new, only entering our sixth season. Since instilling GMS and hosting your camps, we have had 4 League Championships, 2 Silver District Medals and 3 undefeated regular seasons. We look forward to another successful season and working with your organization again next year. I will not hesitate to call you or email you with any questions throughout the season!"

High School Volleyball Coach

"Regardless of how many years I had been coaching volleyball, attending the GMS Volleyball Coaching Clinic in Phoenix was such a valuable learning experience for me. The coaches were able to bring so much more to our practices and we were confident we were teaching the correct techniques. For the first time in our programs 21 year history, we are 2011 District Champions. Thank you GMS!"

Varsity Volleyball Coach

"No, THANK YOU!! We love GMS! Ryan, Levi, and Crystal are AMAZING coaches and people. We submitted only one evaluation for both camps, hopefully that's okay as the 2nd would say the same things :-)\r\nWe're planning ahead and hopefully can have the same coaches and two week camp as we did this year. We will keep you posted on our season - we are gunning for the top and with this bunch of girls, we can feel the excitement and drive from them already. Thank you for all that you do - you are all a tremendous support to us."

Varsity Volleyball Coach