Summer High School Volleyball Camps

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Best High School Summer Volleyball Camp

Our Summer Volleyball Camps are designed for Junior High, High School and Club volleyball programs/teams. Whether you’re a coach building a volleyball program from scratch, or you’re on the verge of winning a championship, we offer the best high school volleyball camps available.

Summer Volleyball Camp Results

Our volleyball camp clients has experienced indisputable results with over 450 High School Volleyball State Championships. Furthermore, thousands of clients have won high school league, district and regional championships, many for the first time ever!  Host a GMS summer volleyball camp at your school this summer and start getting results!
athletes at a recent Gold Medal Squared Summer Volleyball Camp take a group photo

Camp Staff

A quality volleyball training camp requires a quality coaching staff. GMS camp staff members go through rigorous training, quality reviews, and have the best teaching tools available. Our summer volleyball camp staff loves to coach — many have been with us for over ten years — and it shows in our clients’ achievements.
GMS Volleyball Coach Tom Melton prepares practice on the whiteboard at one of our recent summer volleyball camps.

Coaching is About Relationships

GMS makes a HUGE effort to support our camp clients year-round. We have spent thousands of hours helping volleyball coaches understand drills, write practices, deal with team issues etc. We are happy to answer questions about our curriculum before, during, and after camp. If you are looking for a comprehensive volleyball camp experience with year round access to world class coaches, sign up now for a GMS summer camp.
The best volleyball camps available.


We are proud of our clients results, the relationships we have built, and the value of our camp product. Our 4-day camp offers 28 EFFICIENT hours of training. Our coaches are committed to starting practice on time and giving your athletes the most hours of training possible. With no travel costs for your kids, a lower tuition than most college camps, and significantly better results, GMS summer volleyball camps are a great value!
GMS Volleyball Camps provide great value with over 28 hours of total training.

Benefits of a GMS Camp

First, we travel to you, train in your gym, and teach both your athletes and staff the same system. Furthermore, GMS is flexible, responsive, and ready to make the organizational process easy for you. OUr summer camps run for four days, and can be scheduled any week from May through September.
During the week of camp players are given a solid foundation in basic volleyball skills. Furthermore, you and your staff will have access to some of the best volleyball minds in the world year round. We not only want to help you during your week of camp, but during your season as well.
All athletes are taught the same concepts (so often players go off and are taught things that conflict with what you as a coach would like to teach). You and your coaching staff learn how to run dozens of drills. Coaches will receive a detailed camp curriculum to keep and assist in building their program’s foundation. Last but not least, we provide outstanding personal attention — we send a Gold Medal Squared coach for every 12 players.
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Gold Medal Squared offers the best summer volleyball camps in the United States

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When you reserve your camp week we will get in touch with you quickly to get the process started. We understand that things change. Adjusting weeks is easy and we don’t require a camp deposit until the spring!