Gold Medal Squared started running volleyball camps for junior high and high school programs back in the 1980s. While the majority of our camps are high school level, we do work with junior high schools, clubs and college programs. If you're a high school coach looking to build a lasting, successful program, there's no other group that can match our experience and track record.

Reserving your week of camp is easy. Simply hit the "register" button on our home page and follow the instructions. We ask for two weeks, your 1st choice and your 2nd choice. Payment is not required during registration. We do ask for a deposit during the spring so we can finalize camp logistics.

We ask that you have a minimum of 24 athletes attend camp. Having 12-14 athletes per court is optimal. If you have two courts we request 24-30 athletes. If you have three courts 36-40 is a good number and so on. We play a lot of six vs six during our camp so it's important that we have a minimum of 12 athletes on each court. If you don't have 24 athletes we can run a one-court camp for you. The price per athlete is $15 higher and we would need 14-17 athletes.

You can decide how involved you want your staff to be at camp. However, our staff is very good at educating coaches right along with the athletes. We will put you and your staff to work running drills, giving feedback and more. If you're interested in learning from our staff, we strongly recommend attending the sessions. If you simply want us to run the camp for your kids without being involved that's fine as well.

This is optimal. You know your athletes best. We would prefer to not spend time evaluating and dividing up the athletes on the first morning. The most effective camps have the athletes split up and ready to go. This typically involves a frosh, JV and varsity court.

Our 4-day summer volleyball camps are comprehensive. We will take the athletes through ALL of the fundamental skills, show your coaching staff how to run/score our drills, introduce team systems and play plenty of competitive volleyball. With nearly 28 total hours of on-court training teams show incredible improvement over the course of 4 days.

While we really like our 4-day camp schedule we are more than happy to make adjustments if needed. Most of our camps start on Monday and finish on Thursday. However, if we need to start/finish on different days just ask. Our ability to do this will depend on staff availability for your selected dates.

If you opt to provide room and board for our staff we want to make it as easy as possible on you. 90% of our camps have host families that providing room/board. There's times when our staff is together with the same family and times when we are in separate homes. It's 100% dependent upon what works best for you and your parents. One suggestion is to have a different parent provide a meal each day of camp. We find that parents are more than willing to provide a meal or two (not to mention it saves your program money).

We are a flexible and reasonable group to work with. We understand that unexpected events occur. We handle cancellations on an individual basis. About the only time we will NOT issue a deposit refund is if flights were booked for our staff or if the cancellation happens last minute. Asides from that we are happy to work through any situation with you. Just ask!

Our volleyball coaching clinics are designed for all levels and genders. National team coaches, collegiate coaches, high school coaches, club coaches, and junior high coaches all find tremendous value in our events. That's the beauty of Gold Medal Squared. Coaches using our methods have won at every level, both in the men's and women's game.

Our GMS Coaching Foundations Clinics consist of a comprehensive curriculum that covers all fundamental skills (including setting), offensive systems, defensive systems, drills and scoring, motor learning and more! We also have rotating modules such as practice planning, team building and others that get presented depending on what clinicians are attending the event.

We have several on-court sessions throughout our clinic. Participation in the on-court sessions is not required. If you have an injury or simply don't want to play volleyball we will keep you busy giving feedback, initiating balls during drills, keeping score at the whiteboard, or if you prefer you can take notes while observing. Long story short we ensure the learning continues for those who can't/don't play.

First and foremost we believe you will be blown away by the availability of our clinic staff. Our staff is incredibly friendly and understands that coaches of all levels will be participating. Our goal at this event is to stimulate your mind, present new ideas, challenge old ideas and ultimately send you back to your teams more prepared, more motivated, and more inspired to be a great volleyball coach.

During the registration process you will have the option to "pay now" or "pay later." If you select pay later you have the option of mailing a check or brining a check to the door. If you are a club director, athletic director or coach wanting to pay for others attending the event, please have everyone in your group register first. Once all coaches are on the roster you can login to your GMS account, search for your coaches and make payment via credit card.

If you're a new volleyball coach with less than two years of total coaching experience please contact us for details on our new coach promotion. Furthermore, if you're attending with a group make sure you ask about our group rates. You can contact us at

No questions asked guarantee. If you aren't absolutely stoked after attending the event we will refund 100% of your payment. Please note that we do not refund travel expenses.

Login to you GMS account and click on "clinics" in the header. You will see that you can access all clinic information there, including viewing and printing your receipt.

Absolutely! We have partnered with Arizona State University. Again, login to your account and find the "continuing education credits" link. On that page you will click on the clinic you attended. Follow the instructions from there.

All of our coaching clinic locations have a page outlining all details. Go to the Locations page, click on the event you are attending and then browse the details. You will find the schedule listed there.

Typically our summer volleyball camps are hosted by high school and club volleyball programs. Coaches use our summer camps as a way to prepare their athletes for the upcoming season. If you do not see your local school listed when trying to register for a camp this means that they are not currently on our calendar.

The nice thing about our camps is we travel to you. Your child sleeps in their own bed each night which saves you and your program money. Our staff will arrive the day before camp begins and depart once camp is over. We have an outstanding group of collegiate and professional coaches/athletes who work our camps. Each coach will be assigned to a team/court and remain with that group throughout the 4-days. This allows our coaches to get to know the athletes and coaches from each group.

If your coach has informed you that she/he has organized a GMS camp please click the gold "registration center" button on our home page and follow the instructions. Once registered you will be provided with all camp details, including payment instructions.

Your local high school coach or camp coordinator is your primary point of contact. Please direct all of your questions to this person.

This depends on how your coach or camp coordinator has set things up. Please contact them directly for payment instructions.

Gold Medal Squared camps are unique in that they comprehensive. This means that your child will have the opportunity to learn all of the fundamental skills ALONG WITH team systems. We spend the entire first day and the majority of the second day ensuring that the athletes have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of the game (passing, serving, blocking, digging etc). From there we progress in to team systems which means plenty of game-like activities. By the last day of camp the majority of our time is spent competing in six on six activities. It's important to note that we expect our staff, and the athletes to be on time to every session throughout the week of camp.

We believe strongly that becoming fundamentally sound is a critical step in your child's development as a volleyball player. We have developed simple teaching keys for each skill that have been proven effective at all levels of the game. Many of our staff members are coaching at the highest levels. The teaching keys that we present to your child at camp are the same teaching keys that are currently being used by both our Men's and Women's National Teams. We encourage the coaches we work with to spend time each day in practice working on the fundamental skills. Your child, and the college coaches recruiting them will appreciate the effort.

During the registration process we will ask you to sign an injury waiver releasing Gold Medal Squared of any liability in the event of an injury. In the rare event that your child is injured during camp your personal insurance policy will be responsible for coverage.

If you're child isn't stoked on camp we will refund 100% of the camp tuition.

We request that your coach has the athletes divided in to groups prior to our arrival. It's our philosophy that your local coach knows the ability of the players better than we do. Furthermore, we'd prefer to not waste precious camp time organizing courts. Camp runs much smoother if this is done upon our arrival.

What are the different club products that you offer?

Our club events have been very popular. We run private events

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