As a continuation of our introduction to mindset training, Adam O'Neal gives us some ideas on how we can become healthier as coaches.  The demands and stresses within the coaching profession can take it's toll, both mentally and physically.  In order to be great for your athletes, you have to take care of yourself.  In this course we introduce the five steps to effective recovery.  While most of these ideas are designed to help you as a coach, they are 100% applicable to your athletes as well.  


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Adam O'Neal
Adam O'Neal
Mindset Coach

Adam O'Neal was introduced to Gold Medal Squared through our good friend Tom Black.  Adam began working with Tom at Loyala Marymount University, where he served as the women's volleyball mindset coach.  Adam also works for Win Forever Consulting, a group that educates athletes, teams and corporations on the topic of mindset, team formation, confidence, and much, much more.  We are incredibly honored to have Adam working with us to develop wondering educational material for coaches around the world.