One of the more identifiable aspects of the Gold Medal Squared methodology is the defensive system we recommend.  Teams playing this system often lead their league in defensive statistics and quite often have the leading individual diggers.   This is a system that can be adapted to every level play, from U12 to International-level competition.   In this course we'll cover the following topics:

  • The time-tested principles that you'll use as a foundation for developing your defensive system. 
  • Some common defensive systems in use today, and how they relate to what we consider the ideal system.
  • The base defensive system, and how to choose tactics within that system.  
  • How to read and use heatmaps to make adjustments

Our staff takes you through everything you need to teach these systems to beginning and advanced players.  We'll bring you insights gained over 30 years of coaching athletes at every level, with clear video examples and whiteboard explanations.   


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Chris McGown
Chris McGown
Co-Founder, Gold Medal Squared

Chris got his first experience coaching volleyball in 1991, working alongside his father Carl doing High School summer camps.   Working each summer with those youth teams put in place an early love for seeing players improve, and an appreciation for how much could be accomplished with good coaching.

After almost a decade working in the corporate world as an engineer, Chris found his way back into coaching in 2003, when he joined Gold Medal Squared full-time.   He spent 2009-2015 as a coach at BYU, returning to the school where he was a player in the 90s.   He spent two years as a volunteer with the women's program, and four years as the head coach of the men's program.   In 2013, he was named the AVCA National Coach of the Year.   

In addition to heading up our Coaching Clinic products at GMS, Chris currently consults and occasionally coaches with teams at every level.   JHS, HS, Club, NCAA programs, professional, and National Teams.   Most recently, he was an assistant coach with the Netherlands women's national team, where they were silver medalists at the 2017 European Championships.