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Volleybal coaches who have attended our coaching clinics have experienced sustained success at all levels of the game. Read about some of their experiences below!

What Makes our Volleyball Clinics Great?

Our GMS Coaching Foundations events are hands down the most comprehensive, innovative, and research based volleyball clinics in the world. We have often been at the forefront of the sport, promoting unpopular or unfamiliar methods that eventually become mainstream. Our methods and philosophies have had an impact on the game of volleyball worldwide, all genders, all levels of play.


"Can't wait for another round of GMS! After applying the GMS structure to my high school team we won league! First time for the program since 2009. It has really made a difference so thank you!"

Kristine High School Volleyball Coach

"I have been to almost every clinic known to man on the east coast including Penn State and a few others and absolutely none of them compared to this GMS clinic! I always have an open mind to change since I know there are always better ways and my teams are nowhere near perfect but I am a "prove it to me or I not changing" type of person. I played college ball, coached for 16 years, won a state title and came in second twice but none of that mattered after what I saw this weekend along with the data to back it up! We are changing EVERYTHING to match GMS exactly! Carl and the whole team were just amazing! I love my career in business but I envy not being in that environment constantly and learning every day! To sum up in two words it would be: Wow!! Impressive!!!"

Brian High School and Club Coach

"Thank you for having me at the GMS Clinic! It was fun getting to know you guys better and talk volley. I had a very enriching experience at the Clinic and gained meaningful teaching ideas from each clinician. I am always interested in seeing the innovations to GMS each year, and I love the continual drive to discover the best way to do/teach things in the gym."

Chris High School Volleyball Coach

"We ended our season with a loss to the #1 ranked team in the state quarterfinals. The match was epic, going to 5 sets after dropping the first two. We were able to make a comeback that fell just a little short. We were very proud of the girl's for their efforts and coming back to force the fifth set. They could of just rolled over and given up but they fought hard. We did have a tremendous season finishing 20-2, winning both our league and district. The only two matches we lost were to the two teams in the finals playing for the state title. In all 20 wins we swept the opponent 3-0. Thanks for all the help from GMS for getting us ready for the season. We believe that it makes a BIG difference. Since using GMS we have won 8 league titles, 3 district and 1 state title. See you in July next year!"

Bill High School Volleyball Coach

"Mike, Tom, Owen, ROB, and Stacey - Thank you very much for your highly organized coaches clinic. I learned so much. I have already made an outline, and prioritized the new things I have learned. The hard thing about prioritizing is - EVERYTHING seems to be a huge benefit. Starting from using athletic white tape for name tags at the beginning of the season to re-vamping my practices to get more ball touches for all the kids. I had already moved our passing target off the net!"

John High School Volleyball Coach

"Just wanted to write and extend a very sincere "thank you" for a great weekend of learning at GMS in Manhattan, KS. It was great to meet you after reading, hearing, and watching your many accomplishments over the years. I love the scientific and principle based approach and it was very helpful for me to see those in action on the court, as well as the technique, feedback, and scoring. What a great weekend! Thanks again!"

Heidi High School Volleyball Coach

"Aloha Mike!! WOW, what an awesome weekend!! I really enjoyed the presentations and the conversations with you, Carl, Tom, Kaui, and Rob #1! I truly believe in GMS and know it's going to improve my coaching and more importantly the experience of my players...from 11 old yr beginners to 32 yr old professionals!!"

Rob Club Volleyball Coach

Hi guys! Great news!!! My team is finishing up season play today. We have won the league, even though we were moved to the power league, and finished with more than double the amount of wins as last season! The newspaper has been reporting and following us a lot! Last year, the team was 7-14 overall, and 2-12 in the league, but this year we are 15-4 overall, and 13-1 in the league!!! This is my first year with the varsity team, as I was the JV coach for the past 4 years, and it is pretty much the same group of girls. I credit a lot of this turnaround to the information and drills I received through the coaching clinic in Boston! Thanks!!! Tomorrow we find out where we are seeded for post-season play! It's all so very exciting!"

Lauren Varsity Volleyball Coach

"I just wanted to let you know that after attending GMS in May of 2010, I started coaching at Monte Vista H.S. in the Bay Area. I am happy to report that, through your help and guidance, we have improved our first year record of 10-23 in 2010 to 20-14 in 2011 and have made the play-offs starting next week. Yay! I use a lot of the information I learned at GMS on a daily basis, and have thought a lot about the concepts in the textbook as well. I'm hoping you have a great Thanksgiving, and just wanted to let you know how much the training helped redirect my coaching knowledge base to catch up to the 21st century. Now if I can just keep those teenaged girls in line!"

J.J. Varsity Volleyball Coach

"After attending the volleyball clinic at St. Mary's College this past weekend, I'm sure you're not surprised to hear me say, like others, that it was excellent. I very much appreciated so many different facets of the clinic but I will only highlight a couple. To start, it was clear almost from the beginning that there is integrity behind the people involved with Gold Medal Squared. The presentations and discussions which followed included facts, humor, details, confidence and suggestions without any hint of innuendo, inappropriate language or a need to refer to any other programs or people negatively. That may sound trivial, but to this coach it was refreshing. Also, as I drove back to the other side of the Bay with my fellow club coach, we were both impressed by the breadth of topics covered as well as the level of player/team application. In other words, if I am middle school coach (I am)or a big time college coach (I am not), I could have come away from the clinic with enough relevant information to make my head spin. Suffice to say, that our first practice since the clinic, which we ran yesterday, was a really good practice and it had a certain feel of quality that I trace back to the clinic. I don't expect that to change. I know that you guys put a lot into these clinics and are probably exhausted like we attendees are after the three days. Thanks for being such great ambassadors of a sport that I am understanding and appreciating more and more."

Peter Club Volleyball Coach

"Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome weekend in Austin! I am a soccer player and coach so I was a bit intimidated attending this clinic. It was a relief to learn that you were able to reach all levels of experience without prejudice and much of what you talked about actually transferred to my soccer world. This clinic was truly the best coaching clinic (including soccer) I've ever attended. After three long days with you guys, I actually felt energized and pumped up by all your positive energy instead of exhausted like I thought I would. I feel much more prepared to start our fall season and am looking forward to trying out all the new ideas. Thanks again!"

Kara Varity Volleyball Coach

"Mike - I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you and the rest of your staff. Carl provided such honest and to the point guidance. I was honored to have access to the knowledge of such great volleyball minds. I honestly did not expect to receive such pertinent and applicable information and skills. Will C Wood high school volleyball as well as my club High Voltage will benefit from the clinic content that was shared with me. I hope to provide a solid foundation for our head coach, Mike Crews to build from and give players the keys and skills they need to succeed in this part of their life. My club will benefit greatly because I now have the correct and proven ways to provide my players and parents with the knowledge and skills they deserve. Thank you again."

Jesse Club Volleyball Coach

"Thank you Mike! I didn't get to shake your hand and thank you personally. I learned more than I could ever imagine, and confident that the tools given will lead me into the right direction of being a better coach."

Grayson High School Volleyball Coach

"Chris and Carl - Some great news. This fall we went 8-0 and won the IAAM A Div. State Championship for the first time in school history. I personally wanted send you and your Dad a THANK YOU! What you all have taught me over the past 5 years is paying off, and you never thought I listened. Also, you're an idol to Brandon and I couldn’t ask for a better person/Coach for him to look up too. Thank you."

SJ HS and Club Volleyball Coach

"I attended a Gold Medal Squared Clinic in Rahway in December of 2010. I implemented practically everything that I learned from the clinic, GMS individual skills techniques, team defensive and offensive concepts, team drills, whiteboards for structured practices and of course the competitive cauldron. Our team went 37-2 this season, winning 2 invitational tournaments, a showcase tournament with the top 6 teams in NJ, our league, county, state sectional, and overall state championship. I am so thankful of the inspiration and knowledge I received at your coaching clinic. It was a dream season! Please let the entire staff know of our accomplishments and my appreciation for all of their help!"

Peter Varsity Volleyball Coach

"Regardless of how many years I had been coaching volleyball, attending the GMS Volleyball Coaching Clinic in Phoenix was such a valuable learning experience for me. The coaches were able to bring so much more to our practices and we were confident we were teaching the correct techniques. For the first time in our programs 21 year history, we are 2011 District Champions. Thank you GMS!"

Jerry Varsity Volleyball Coach