Our Gold Medal Squared Volleyball Coaches Clinic introduces the basic principles that we use throughout our development as coaches. Whether you’re an experienced coach, or just getting started, attending this volleyball coaching clinic will provide you with the foundation needed to build a lasting and successful volleyball program. The proof is in our client’s results!  Below is a list of our primary presentation modules.  We have also been known to throw in some surprise topics depending on who is presenting on any given weekend.
Intro to Motor Learning
Motor learning has always been a major component of our curriculum. How can we speed up the rate of learning for our athletes? Our teaching methods are derived from science and we’re focused on expanding our understanding human motor performance.
Teaching our athletes how to be great learners should be at the top of our priority list as coaches.  Teaching our athletes the “fail faster learn faster” mentality will speed up the rate of learning.  Learning how to learn isn’t exclusive to athletes.  We can all be better learners.
Fundamental Skills
We value fundamentals (a lot).  You will learn how to teach the fundamentals of the game so that your players become mechanically efficient. This includes passing, serving, spiking, individual defense, setting, and blocking.  Our curriculum includes teaching keys for each skill.
Developing Defensive Systems
We’ve always said that volleyball coaches must develop their systems around the ability of their players.  At our clinic you will receive sound and tested principles that will help drive your coaching decisions.  We also believe that the best team systems are simple, not complex.  This session is a game changer for a lot coaches!
Developing Offensive Systems
“Put your best offensive players where most of the balls go.”  This is an offensive systems principle that helps us determine where to place athletes on the court.  We will go through all of the common offensive systems and discuss the pros/cons of each.  Again, we’d like for offensive systems to be simple, not complex.
Practice Planning
There’s a long list of reasons why practice planning is important.  This is a rotating module but when presented we discuss how to organize practices to make the most of the time you have with your athletes.  This includes weekly planning, practice flow, practice structure, season phases, drills, drill categories, big/little rocks and more!
Developing Setters
This session typically takes place on Sunday morning.  We will take you through our general setting philosophy, footwork patters, hand/arm positioning and more.  Additionally, we will demonstrate a variety of setter tutoring activities that we recommend before or after practice.
Small Group Drills & Scoring
We like small groups during practice because they increase the number of reps each athlete receives.  We will take you through a variety of small group drills on the court and show you how to score each of them.  These are great drills to run early in practice to get the energy going (Neville’s Pepper for example).
Coaching Young Athletes

Our coaches have all spent time coaching elementary and junior high school players. We understand the challenges and needs of beginning athletes. We typically run a break-out session for coaches who are interested in how to make the principles and fundamental skills accessible for young players.

The Competitive Cauldron
The competitive cauldron is way for coaches to track points in practice and ultimately determine who is winning/losing drills.  This is simply a tool that gives coaches more information to help facilitate good decision making.  The cauldron is not designed to replace coaching decisions.  We can’t emphasize that enough.  It’s simply another way to learn about your team and players.
Rotations 101

Do you need a refresher on how volleyball rotations work?  At many (not all) of our volleyball clinics coaches will have the option to break away from the main group and discuss rotations with one of our staff members.  This is a great opportunity to learn overlap rules, different serve receive formations etc.  Recommended for all new volleyball coaches.

6 vs 6 Drills & Scoring

The best way to get good at volleyball is to play volleyball. We are big proponents of game-like reps. We have a great collection of 6 vs 6 drills (and the corresponding scoring) that can help us emphasize various phases of the game. We’ll demonstrate a variety of drills that you can modify to help improve various aspects of your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

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