Success Stories from Club Coaches Around the Country!


"My 16 girls team just came in second in the 16 Club tournament at the Lone Star qualifier (out of 160 teams) and qualified for Nationals. We never won a warm-up the entire tournament, but once the game started our serving, passing and defense were too much for almost everyone. I have no doubt that the middle-middle defense has been a big reason for our success. Thanks again - this has been a dream season."


We have had GMS come out for a private event several times now, particularly when we have young coaches on staff. They always provide our coaches with great structure, they answer our questions, and leave our staff with confidence heading in to the club season."

Meg Herr Club Director

“After hosting a clinic for our club staff we had the most successful season in our club's history. Having our staff teaching similar keys and working together was a major advantage for us. A big thanks to the crew at GMS.”

Rodrigo Gomes NVVA Club Director

"In the 15 year history of our club, we had two previous qualifier wins when we had a 14's team in 2004 win Lone Star and and in 2007, our 17's team won NEQ. After working with Gold Medal Squared things have changed. This year, our 13 Mizuno has equaled our club's total history by winning two qualifiers in the same season! We won MEQ, the Lone Star Classic and also won the 80 team Houston Power League a few weeks ago. We are having fun!"

Jacky Pence Club Director

"Each fall we bring in the GMS crew to help our coaching staff prepare for the upcoming club season. Every year my coaches rave about the experience. This volleyball clinic always leaves us fired up and ready to attack the club season. A bit thanks to everyone at GMS. You guys are great!"

Angie Club Director

"Regardless of how many years I had been coaching volleyball, attending the GMS Volleyball Coaching Clinic in Phoenix was such a valuable learning experience for me. The coaches were able to bring so much more to our practices and we were confident we were teaching the correct techniques. For the first time in our programs 21 year history, we are winning tournaments. Thank you GMS!"

Jerry Club Director and Coach

"GMS came out to our club this fall and it was the best investment I have made as a club director. They not only gave our staff some excellent direction, but they were excellent when faced with a variety of questions from my staff. These guys run a class act organization and I would highly recommend their private club events to any director looking to provide some staff education."

John Havelon Club Director

"Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome weekend in Austin! I am a soccer player and coach so I was a bit intimidated attending this clinic. It was a relief to learn that you were able to reach all levels of experience without prejudice and much of what you talked about actually transferred to my soccer world. This clinic was truly the best coaching clinic (including soccer) I've ever attended. After three long days with you guys, I actually felt energized and pumped up by all your positive energy instead of exhausted like I thought I would. I feel much more prepared to start our fall season and am looking forward to trying out all the new ideas. Thanks again!"

Kara Club Volleyball Coach

"I brought in Mike and Tom from GMS this fall for a private coaches clinic. It was hands down the best money I have spent as a club director. It wasn't just the curriculum that I was pleased with. Both Mike and Tom took the time to answer our questions and apply the keys and principles to our level of play. Our staff will go in to this club volleyball season more confident than we have ever been. A big thanks to you guys!"

Matt Club Director

"I wanted to thank you for a truly great experience. I didn't come from a volleyball background so I've had to learn a lot about the game to be an effective coach. This is my 7th season and I've learned a lifetime of information from the gold medal camp last summer and the clinic last week. Your advice about strategy and motivation will forever change the way I coach....for the better. I was especially moved by your emotional connection to your players that you expressed through the many great stories that you told. Today I had to attend a funeral for a former player who was only 22 years old. He was the best player I've ever coached and an even better young man. I was reminded today of your connection to your former players in my own emotion. Thanks again. I was honored to be in the audience."

Bill Club Volleyball Coach

"I implemented practically everything that I learned from the clinic, GMS individual skills techniques, team defensive and offensive concepts, team drills, whiteboards for structured practices and of course the competitive cauldron. Our team went 37-2 this season, winning 2 invitational tournaments, a showcase tournament with the top 6 teams in NJ, our league, county, state sectional, and overall state championship. I am so thankful of the inspiration and knowledge I received at your coaching clinic. It was a dream season! Please let the entire staff know of our accomplishments and my appreciation for all of their help!"

Peter Club Volleyball Coach