This week on the volleyball life podcast we are chatting about volleyball practice planning, what it takes to become great at this skill, and why it’s so important. Our guest is NVVA Club Director, and longtime GMS friend Rodrigo Gomes. Rodrigo is from Brazil, played at Brigham Young University and has been affiliated with GMS ever since. He’s a really sharp guy with a huge passion for volleyball.

Practice planning is one of the most important jobs we have as coaches. It involves having a small list of great drills (that your athletes love), a system for mixing your athletes (we are strong believers in equal teams on most days), and of course great time management. To do it right takes some time but there’s no doubt ways to make the planning process more efficient.

In this podcast Rodrigo gives us tips that are specific to the club volleyball environment which may be of particular value to you.

We hope that this podcast will give you some ideas, and ultimately help you write great practices for your athletes!