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GMS Interviews CEO of My Recruiting Solutions: Kara Hill


Hey, everyone. I’m Chris McGown, with Gold Medal Squared, and you’re listening to The Volleyball Life podcast. Today, on the show, we’ve got Kara Hill. She’s the founder of My Recruiting Solutions, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. She works with athletes and with parents, and with colleges and universities to make sure that those recruitable athletes are getting a good fit, ultimately, when they head off to the next level. We go all over the place in this podcast. We talk about levels of success, or maximizing your success, as a parent, as an athlete, as a club coach, as a university or college coach. She has some really great insights, and I think you’ll really enjoy the conversation. You can find her online. Her website is myrecruitingsolutions.com, and she’s really active on social media, but I think you’ll enjoy the conversation. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy the show.

Want to connect with Kara?
Please visit her
website, or follow her on Instagram. Are you a beach player? Kara Hill has also co-founded the new Beach Partner app. You can find the app in iTunes COMING SOON. Complete the pre-registration form to gain early access to the app. The first 100 registrants will win FREE Beach Partner swag!

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One comment on “The Volleyball Life Podcast with Kara Hill

  1. alexy says:

    Thanks Chris, This was an engaging podcast.

    BTW, I would appreciate it if you could give me an advice. I am a bit shorter than average players. so I searched for some at home training program to improve my jumps and I came across this video program http://bit.ly/2OVAM4i. (Sorry I don’t know if I am allowed to post links or not). It seems interesting and the testimonies are amazing, do you think it is legit? (it promises to step-by-step improve your jumps tremendously)

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