This past weekend I took my staff to an off-site retreat.  While there we had a chance to discuss the pending season.  We also talked a lot about the ways we need to grow and develop as a staff.  It was one of the best staff meetings I’ve been involved with during my career.

At no time during our time together did we ever speak about wins.  Perhaps winning is just implied.  But I think winning is the product of process.  Getting the process right is what makes coaching hard.  There’s no one right way to run a team.  The approach used in previous years may not work this coming season.  Teams are dynamic – they change.  

As the women’s high school and college season begins in couple of weeks, I know all of us at GMS want to wish you the best in creating “the best possible conditions for success.”  It’s been a great summer of camps and clinics.  We ask a lot of our athletes.  It’s only fair that they ask a lot of us in return.  For those who came to a clinic, thanks for choose to let us help you better serve your athletes.  As we move forward, let us know how we can help.  Let us know if we have helped.