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The Volleyball Life w/ Heather Olmstead

The Volleyball Life Podcast – Heather Olmstead


Today on the volleyball life podcast, we’re talking with 2018 National Coach of the Year Heather Olmstead.  Heather is the head coach of the women’s volleyball team at Brigham Young University.  In 2018, BYU went this year to their third ever women’s final four championship and had what was by all accounts of really magical season.

We talked to Heather about the priorities that they have established their be why you further athletes. We talk about growth mindset for the players and for the coaches and the coaching staff and for really everyone that surrounds the program. Talk a little bit about just the things that she finds are important to her as a head coach and trying to help these young athletes become great. She’s a really great person and a wonderful coach and we’re excited to have her in the program. I think you’ll love hearing what she has to say.

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The Volleyball Life Podcast with Kara Hill

Want to Rock the Recruitment Process?
GMS Interviews CEO of My Recruiting Solutions: Kara Hill


Hey, everyone. I’m Chris McGown, with Gold Medal Squared, and you’re listening to The Volleyball Life podcast. Today, on the show, we’ve got Kara Hill. She’s the founder of My Recruiting Solutions, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. She works with athletes and with parents, and with colleges and universities to make sure that those recruitable athletes are getting a good fit, ultimately, when they head off to the next level. We go all over the place in this podcast. We talk about levels of success, or maximizing your success, as a parent, as an athlete, as a club coach, as a university or college coach. She has some really great insights, and I think you’ll really enjoy the conversation. You can find her online. Her website is, and she’s really active on social media, but I think you’ll enjoy the conversation. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy the show.

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The Volleyball Life Podcast: Travis Hudson from Western Kentucky

The Volleyball Life Podcast with Travis Hudson


Welcome to The Volleyball Life Podcast. We’re back today with Travis Hudson, he’s the head coach at Western Kentucky University, and you’re going to love listening to him. He’s got a great Kentucky accent, for one thing, and he’s just this marvelously inspirational guy.

He says a lot of, I think, really profound things in terms of the coaching profession and the way he approaches it. It’s fun to get to listen to kind of his story of getting started and the 25 plus years he’s spent at Western Kentucky, and the success they’ve had. They lost in the 2nd round at the NCAA tournament to the 4 seed Kentucky this year, we’ll talk a little bit about that match. We’ll talk a little bit about his history, and just fill in some of those blanks with kind of little bits of wisdom that he’s got. It’s been really good, I think you’ll love this program. Thanks for joining us and enjoy the show. Well, we’re here with Travis Hudson on The Volleyball Life podcast. He’s the head coach at Western Kentucky University. Travis, thanks so much for taking a minute out of your day.


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