Stop #7 – Weston, MA

Our last stop for the summer took us to Weston, MA which was right outside of Boston. Neither Taylor nor I had ever been to Boston so this was an extra treat. Not only did we have superb hosts, but we had a great time in the gym and got to tour Boston a couple of different times during the week.

The girls were a hoot. Not only did they work harder to get better and do their best to “master” the skills, but they were absolutely hilarious. The gym was full of personalities and lots of talent. Everyone worked hard to get better and I’m happy to say that there was huge improvement at the end of the week. This team was different from the other teams that we had coached this summer. They were all extremely close and had an incredible sense of team unity. Everyone had the same goals and worked hard to accomplish them.

Our hosts were head coach Fabe and his family. They were gracious enough to take us around Boston a number of different times. He was determined that we see everything the city had to offer… and it was awesome. I thought it was great when his 3 daughters came and joined us. They were each totally different from one another, but you could tell how much they loved and respected each other. It was a lot of fun to spend time with them.

This summer was great and we loved every minute of it. We are looking forward to next summer and will hopefully get to see a lot of the same faces. Thanks to all the wonderful people who make doing summer camps so much fun.

Touring Boston

Fabe’s daughters

The team

End of the week relays

Doubles Tournament
Bear, Hunter, Princess to see who serves

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  1. Katherine Anderson says:

    >These are amazing pictures!!! Thanks so much for everything over the summer it really perpared me for the season and off season club 🙂
    ~Katherine Anderson

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