Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Ro 2

Rotation 2

Serve-Receive Formations - Rotation 2

In the second of our 6-part volleyball rotations and overlap series, we are exploring rotation 2.  Due to the overlap rules in volleyball, rotation 2 has far fewer options than rotation 1. 

Rotation 2 - Player Positioning

The players have rotated one position clockwise around the court. Here is where they are in Rotation 2.

Volleyball Rotation 2 Positions GMS
Bold & Underlined Text = Front Row Players
Volleyball Rotation 2 Player Positions GMS

In Rotation 2, the H1 is in Zone 1, followed by the M2, Opposite, H2, M1 (replaced by the libero) and finally the Setter.

In Serve-Receive, there is only one commonly used formation.

ROTATION 2 – Traditional Serve-Receive Option

Rotation 2 Volleyball Serve-Receive

Player Assignments by Position:

S: Starts in Zone 1 behind the H1

H1: Passes in Zone 1

M2: Starts in Zone 2 and hits Quicks

OP: Starts in Zone 2 in front of the Setter and hits Reds

H2: Passes in Zone 5 and hits Gos

L: Passes in Zone 6


  • The three primary passers are passing with the Libero in the middle of the court.
  • The Setter is allowed to start the rally already in the passing zone.
  • The attack approaches are simple for all three front row attackers.
  • The offensive footwork for the M2 is pretty simple. Watch the “MB Footwork in S/R – Ro 1,2,3” video on GMS+.


  • There is not room for any flexibility here with where each player starts. Each player is essentially locked in to these spots.

Important Overlap Rules Considerations:

  • The passing H2 must be in front of the Libero, even though they are both passing right next to each other.
  • The Setter must be behind the Opposite.
  • The M2 must be to the right of the Opposite.
  • The Libero must be to the left of the Setter.
  • The H1 must be to the right of the Setter.
Volleyball Rotation 2 Minnesota
Rotation 2 with the H2 Passing in Zone 5 and hitting a go. The OP hits a red. The M2 hits a quick.

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2 comments on Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Ro 2

  1. Kostas Bilisis says:

    S: Starts in Zone 1 behind the H1
    S: Starts in Zone 1 behind the OP as it seems in picture
    Plesae check

    Your site helps me very much
    Thank you very much

  2. Gold Medal Squared says:


    The Setter is actually in Zone 6, but pushed up behind the OP as in the picture. Does that help?

    -Joe Trinsey

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