Kasey Crider knew early that he wanted to be a volleyball coach, and he’s been an assistant with three enormously influential head coaches and programs.   Following a playing career at Pepperdine and a brief stint as a professional, he went back to Pepperdine to coach with Marv Dunphy.   From there he spent two seasons as a volunteer assistant at Stanford with John Dunning, and now he’s in South Florida at the University of Miami with Keno Gandara.  He recently was a recipient of an AVCA 30 under 30 award, recognizing the accomplishments of young coaches.

Kasey is incredibly humble, well spoken, and bright.   You get an immediate sense of his appreciation for his opportunities, and for how much he’s working to better himself and the programs he’s around.   We talk about what he’s learned in his short career, and how each of the programs has influenced his thinking and his approach to not only coaching, but to being an assistant coach.   Thanks for joining us, and enjoy the program!