First Stop… Haggerty High School

First Stop, Haggerty High School

Hi there folks! I’m excited to take you on our journeys around the States as Gold Medal Squared camp coaches. My husband, Taylor and I have been coaching GMS volleyball camps for 3 summers now and have loved every minute of it. When Tom asked me if I would be interested in doing a photo essay of our travels I jumped at the opportunity because I knew that it would be interesting and a lot of fun. We’ve been just about everywhere from Montana to Arkansas, Colorado to Boston, and a lot of towns in between. I hope that you enjoy the ride as we go from one end of the country to the next over then next couple of weeks.

Stop #1: Haggerty High School in Oviedo, Florida with Head Coach Corey Radford and friends.
Taylor wasn’t able to join me on this first camp because he was taking the LSAT this week, so I got the chance to start off the summer with Brock Hutchins and my former teammate from BYU Janvier Beaumont La Barbara. We had a great time. We stayed in a beautiful Lake House and enjoyed good home made Italian food, great company, boating and jet skiing each day after camp.
I forgot how hot and humid Florida was in June… wow! The days in the gym were a lot of fun and the girls each got a lot better individually and collectively. Each of them worked hard and when the energy in the gym was a little too low coach busted out “bumping beans” or “blocking beans” to give everyone a little boost.. oh ya these so-called “beans” were skittles! That’s just one reason these camps are so much fun.. you learn something new at each one of them 🙂
So this being the first trip of the summer you can imagine how I pretty much took pictures of everything: the lake house, boating, jet skiing, sunsets, our boat breaking down in the middle of the lake, the team BBQ, the wonderful family we stayed with, all the coaches, the kids doing their drills and warm up games, etc. They were awesome! Well… I forgot to back them up to my back up hard drive and lost them when my regular hard drive crashed about a week after I got home. You can imagine how upset I was… OK so it’s safe to say that I was pretty much beside myself. Frantically trying to figure out what to do, I remembered that Corey had his camera in hand as we were doing demonstrations and what not, so I sent him an email and explained the situation that I had found myself in and I’m happy to say that he saved me. So please give all the credit of these pictures to Corey Radford. I am happy to say that after this small stupid incident I immediately backed up all the rest of my pictures from our summer travels. Thanks again Corey.
Setting up the Serve/Serve Receive Ladder
Warm Up Games!!!
Bear – Hunter – Princess Tag
Brock’s Train Game
Circle the Wagon
Barrel Relay
Setting up the next sessions practice plan
Serving Keys
Lunch Time
the “bumping beans” master
(P.S. Remember to to backup up your pictures!)

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  1. roshambo says:

    >Hands down the best summer camp I've ever had. The parents and kids are still talking about how much better we got. It was so awesome of you to post this Lauren. You and Brock and Janvier were tremendous influences on the girls in your short stay here – PLEASE COME BACK!

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