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Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Ro 6

Rotation 6 Analysis

Rotation 6 Rotation 6 is another fairly simple formation with little movement required for the Setter and the two front row attackers. Rotation 6 – Player Positioning Here is where the players are in Rotation 6. Bold & Underlined Text = Front Row Players In Rotation 6, the M1’s spot is zone 1 (replaced by…

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Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Ro 5

Rotation 5 Analysis

Rotation 5 The two front row attackers in Rotation 5 are the H1 and the M1. This should be the best outside hitter on the team and the best middle attacker on the team, for reasons that were explained in part one of this series. Rotation 5 is a very simple rotation for the serve-receive…

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Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Ro 4

Rotation 4 Analysis

Rotation 4 If you are running a 5-1 offense, Rotation 4 is the first rotation with a front row setter. The only two front row attackers are the H2 and the M1. This opens up some options offensively for the middle attacker, because there is no front row opposite. Because of this, many middle attackers…

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Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Ro 3

Rotation 3 Analysis

Rotation 3 In most rotations, coaches should ensure that the best three passers on the court are the three primary passers. Typically the three primary passers are the H1, H2, and Libero. However, sometimes the Opposite may be a better passer than one of the Outside Hitters. When this is the case, it’s easy for…

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Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Ro 2

Rotation 2 Analysis

Rotation 2 Unlike Rotation 1, there is only one good option in Rotation 2 serve-receive. It’s important that all six players on the court can execute their roles here, because coaches don’t have the ability to make player positioning adjustments in this rotation. Rotation 2 – Player Positioning The players have rotated one position…

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Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Ro 1

Rotation 1 Analysis

Rotation 1 Rotation 1 allows for more variability than any other rotation in Serve-Recieve. Many teams start matches and sets in Rotation 1 (or Rotation 6 if they’re receiving serve), which adds a little bit of importance to siding out successfully in Rotation 1. It’s important to know what you want your individual players doing…

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Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Intro

Introduction to Our 6-Part Series

Rotations Introduction In this blog and video series, we’re going to cover serve-receive rules and formation options for all six rotations. Player Positions In a traditional 5-1 offense, there is 1 setter, 2 outside hitters, 2 middle blockers, an opposite, and a libero. Here are the descriptions of each player position: S: Setter. H1:…

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Volleyball Lineups

Volleyball Lineups Joe Trinsey attended one of our GMS coaching clinics, and, as a like-minded nerd/coach type, decided to apply some principles to his coaching. This meant gathering and analyzing data, and then using it to support some of his coaching decisions. His ideas on optimal volleyball lineups are found below. A volleyball lineup is…

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Question: Who goes where in my lineup?

Determining a Lineup for my Volleyball Team From a Coach: Where is the best place to put your MB1 and OH1 in a 5-1 lineup and why? Our Answer: This isn’t a question you can answer easily, especially with girls – but the most common place to put your “best” (as measured by hitting efficiency)…

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