Fundamental Skills

Question: Blocking the Bic

How to Block the Bic in Volleyball From a Coach: How do you teach the middle and other players to block the bic? High level high school boys teams run it, is it a baby jump big jump, and do you try and triple it? How can I teach my boys? Our Reply: (A definition…

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Question: Reading and Reacting

Reading and Reacting From a Coach: The biggest problem for my team right now (and probably many teams) is the hole left behind the blockers. My front row player, not blocking, is based at 10 x 10. My back right and left are based at 2 x2 or 2 x 3 and my middle-middle is…

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Question: More Passing

Question About Serve-Receive From a GMS volleyball clinic attendee: I was just wondering if you could give me some more thoughts on Serve Receive and how to make players stronger mentally. I feel like I devote a lot of my practice to Serve Receive, but we have gotten worse. We started well but have dropped…

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