Learning & Change

We Coach the Way We Were Coached

We coach the way we were coached. This is a powerful statement that we discussed in the first session of a GMS clinic. Most of us either teach the game in the same manner it was taught to us, or else (remembering frustrations from our playing career) we go the other way and teach the…

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In our coaching clinics we often talk about change, as we are trying to talk many of our attending coaches into changing the way their teams are playing and training. We want teams to play “GMS Style.” We quote John Locke: “New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because…

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Believing is Seeing – Video Feedback

This is from Jeff Cole at NorCal VBC – he told us it was inspired by material covered in our LEVEL2 clinic. Some of us are visual learners and others of us are not. Video playback can help increase the pace of learning volleyball for players who learn with their eyes. Do you remember how unfamiliar…

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