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Volleyball Attack Names

Volleyball Basics

Types of Volleyball Sets and Attacks Each volleyball attack type has its own name. Coaches, setters, and hitters need to know each of these attack names as they communicate with each other before and during each rally. Different teams may have different names for some of these attacks, but this article will explain and show...

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Casey Patterson Joins GMS Beach!

2016 Olympian Casey Patterson Joins GMS Beach! Hi everybody! I am so excited to announce my association with Gold Medal Squared Beach. I was one of the lucky athletes to have had a year of epic and life-changing coaching from the late Carl McGown. His energy force and knowledge of the game was overwhelming for...

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Rotations 201: Rotation 6

We’ve reached the end! The sixth installment of our Rotations 201 series is here and today we’ll discuss Rotation 6. With the setter in zone 2, we again find ourselves with two front row attackers. Our two-part series on Rotation 4 discusses the differences between International and American NCAA teams in how they handle the...

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Expert Analysis: Stanford vs Wisconsin, NCAA National Championship by Joe Trinsey

The NCAA Volleyball National Championship has had a history of exciting matches. Last year Stanford pulled out a tightly-contested 3-2 win over Nebraska. This year, their Championship match was not as close. Stanford won both the semifinal and final in convincing fashion. The statistics in the two matches looked similar: Sideout Key Factors, Semifinal vs...

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Expert Analysis: Stanford vs Minnesota, NCAA National Semifinals by Joe Trinsey

We started our NCAA Tournament Analysis with a look at the Wisconsin vs Baylor match. Now, we turn to the other semifinal: Stanford vs Minnesota. While the match had some tight spots, Stanford led most of the sets en route to a 3-0 victory. Let’s turn to the GMS Stats App for some first impressions:...

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Expert Analysis: Wisconsin vs Baylor, NCAA National Semifinals by Joe Trinsey

This NCAA season has been one of the most contested in recent years; at least 10 teams felt like they had a shot to win the National Championship this year. Baylor has been strong all season, rising to number-1 in the RPI to start the tournament. Wisconsin started less-than-dominant at 9-4 (including a loss to...

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Volleyball Serve-Receive Formations

Rotation 5 Analysis

The classes continue with our Rotation 201 series, where we study the strategies and tactics used in each rotation by the best teams in NCAA and International volleyball. We’ve now reached Rotation 5. Like Rotation 4, which we studied the past two weeks, Rotation 5 is a setter-front rotation, which means the setter is in...

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Rotations 201: Rotation 4 (Part 2!)

  In last week’s installment of our Rotation 201 series, we looked at Rotation 4. Specifically, we looked at what several of the top National teams are doing in that rotation. Today, we’ll look at how top NCAA teams are managing Rotation 4, partly as a result of different rule sets between International and American...

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