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Rotations 201: Rotation 4 (Part 1)

  We’re now 4 weeks into our in-depth study of rotation tactics- the series we’ve dubbed, “Rotations 201.” In our first three articles, we studied rotations that coaches call, “3-hitter rotations,” or, “setter-back,” rotations, because the setter is in the back row and the offense has three front row attackers available. Rotation 4 marks the...

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Rotations 201: Rotation 3

Rotations 201: Rotation 3 Time for the third installment of our second-level course on Rotation Optimization. In previous posts, we looked at variations that coaches can use in Rotations 1 and 2. Today, we look at Rotation 3. The first two parts of this article series featured some of the top NCAA teams, but now...

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Rotations 201: Rotation 2

Rotations 201: Rotation 2 Class is back in session! Today we continue our Rotations 201 series and look at how some of the best teams in the NCAA tweak their rotations and adjust to in-game challenges. Previously we looked at Rotation 1. Today we look at Rotation 2, with the setter in position 6. This...

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Rotations 201: Rotation 1

Crafted by Joe Trinsey

Rotations 201: Rotation 1 With the fall women’s NCAA season in full swing, we get a chance to see theories put to the test. As part of the GMS advisory staff, I love studying what the best coaches in the NCAA are doing, and trying to figure out why they are doing what they do....

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Wrist Snap

Wrist–Snap Of the many shots in a good attacker’s toolbox, one that produces a ball flight with topspin seems to be highly prized by coaches.  In an effort to help developing attackers get a feel for the mechanics needed to produce topspin shots, sometimes the idea of wrist–snap will be introduced.  If there’s one topic that will...

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Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Ro 6

Rotation 6 Analysis

Rotation 6 Rotation 6 is another fairly simple formation with little movement required for the Setter and the two front row attackers. Rotation 6 – Player Positioning Here is where the players are in Rotation 6. Bold & Underlined Text = Front Row Players In Rotation 6, the M1’s spot is zone 1 (replaced by...

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Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Ro 5

Rotation 5 Analysis

Rotation 5 The two front row attackers in Rotation 5 are the H1 and the M1. This should be the best outside hitter on the team and the best middle attacker on the team, for reasons that were explained in part one of this series. Rotation 5 is a very simple rotation for the serve-receive...

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Rotation Formations & Overlap Rules – Ro 4

Rotation 4 Analysis

Rotation 4 If you are running a 5-1 offense, Rotation 4 is the first rotation with a front row setter. The only two front row attackers are the H2 and the M1. This opens up some options offensively for the middle attacker, because there is no front row opposite. Because of this, many middle attackers...

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