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Our Gold Medal Squared Coaching Foundations Volleyball Clinic introduces the basic principles that we use throughout our development as coaches. Whether you're an experienced coach, or just getting started, attending this clinic will provide you with the foundation needed to build a lasting and successful volleyball program. The proof is in our client's results!

Below you will find an outline of the primary topics discussed during the Gold Medal Squared Coaching Foundations Volleyball Clinic.

  • A foundation for teaching the essential volleyball skills based on scientific research in human motor performance.
  • How to teach the fundamentals of the game so that your players become mechanically efficient. This includes passing, serving, spiking, individual defense, setting, and blocking.
  • How to create offensive and defensive strategies that capitalize on your team's strengths and your opponent's weaknesses.
  • How to run and score small group activities, position tournaments, and six on six drills.
  • How to develop a measurement system that lets your athletes know where they stand relative to your goals for them and others on the team.
  • How to coach to win at any level.

Below you will find an outline of additional modules that may be presented depending on the clinic location and presenters.

  • How to organize practices to make the most of the time you have with your athletes.
  • How to build a successful team dynamic (team building)
  • How to collect and interpret statistics to gain a better understanding of how your team is performing and where you to need to improve.
  • How to get your players to "Manage the Game" at a high level
  • Coaching Young Volleyball Players


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
8:30-11:30 8:30-11:30 8:30-11:30
Fundamental Beliefs
Motor Learning
Team Defense Systems Developing a Setter
Small-Group Drills
1:00-4:00 1:00-4:00 1:00-3:30
Forearm Passing
Overhead Pass
Team Offensive Systems
Rotations 101
6v6 Drills OR
Select Rotating Module
4:30-6:30 4:30-6:30  
Individual Defense
Rotating Topics Depending on Clinicians...
Practice Planning
Team Building
Coaching Little Kids
Managing the Game

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