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Testimonial (April 2011) - "In the 15 year history of our club, we had two previous qualifier wins when we had a 14's team in 2004 win Lone Star and and in 2007, our 17's team won NEQ. After working with Gold Medal Square things have changed. This year, our 13 Mizuno has equaled our club's total history by winning two qualifiers in the same season! We won MEQ, the Lone Star Classic and also won the 80 team Houston Power League a few weeks ago.  We are having fun!"

Jacky Pence High School Coach and Club Director


Gold Medal Squared has had a tremendous impact on volleyball clubs nationwide. Over the past five years our club clients have won multiple National Championships, along with countless tournaments covering the entire age spectrum. We think the bulk of this success is due to the fact that we help volleyball club coaches and athletes get on the same page. Teaching your 12 year old athletes the same system as your 18 year old athletes gives you a HUGE head start in terms of training.

We are please to be offering a series of programs specifically designed to meet the needs of your volleyball club!

Private Volleyball Clinics for your Club Coaches
The level of success for your volleyball club is largely determined by the quality of your coaching staff and the instruction they provide your players. We at GMS are the leader in volleyball coach education, and over 100 years of combined coaching experience ensure that we'll provide a solid training foundation on which you can build your program.

Our private volleyball clinics can be structured to meet the specific needs of your club, and tailored to fit into your schedule. To learn more about coach training for club programs, go here.

Mini Volleyball Camps for your Club Players
We have an incredible track record of success with our High-School summer volleyball camps - over 300 State Championships at the High School Varsity level. The same methodology and curriculum that have generated so much success at High Schools are now available to club programs. Our mini volleyball camps can be scheduled any weekend during the fall-winter-spring season, and tailored to the specific needs of your program. To get more information on a weekend mini-camp for your players, go here.

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