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Apr 6 2012

Training Setters

By: tblack

Perhaps no other skill in volleyball is taught so differently as setting. I have seen many great setting coaches train their setters in completely dissimilar fashion, and as I look at the skill, and some of the world’s best setters, I wonder if we can distill the skill down to a few simple concepts:

Mar 28 2012

Improving the GMS Blog

By: mwilson

At GMS, we believe that an important variable in improvement is receiving feedback. Occasionally we get some feedback from readers comments, but we also know that there are a lot of people who read without leaving a note. We would like to know what the majority of our blog readers think. In an effort to get better at what we do, we would appreciate your feedback about the GMS blog.

Mar 22 2012

Doug Beal is a FIVB president candidate

By: mwilson

Congratulations to GMS advisory staff member Doug Beal for being one of three formal candidates for the presidency of the FIVB. For the last 35 years Doug has been invaluable to the growth of volleyball both here in the USA and internationally. Thanks for all that you have done and will do in the future for the sport of volleyball!

Mar 14 2012

The Benefits of Team Mixing: Why None of Us Are as Smart as All of Us

By: cjmcgown

Another post  from Dr. Steve Bain, who not only knows a lot about neuro-science, but is becoming quite a good volleyball coach as well.  He recently did us the honor of coming to Utah and spending a few days watching practice, talking volleyball, and generally giving us valuable feedback about our coaching as he saw it.  We are currently keeping a cauldron and mix our players in practice every day, and needless to say found the content of this article really encouraging.

Mar 8 2012

The Pulse of your Team

By: rbrowning

How’s your team? Are they happy? Do they feel fresh, mentally and physically, or are they run down?

Mar 1 2012

Observations in the Sand

By: tblack

This spring, we’ve added to our our women’s volleyball program at LMU the grueling task of sand volleyball. We’ve set our portable offices by the waters of Marina Del Rey. We’ve toiled amidst the horrific backdrop of sun sand and waves, yet we’ve carry on…

Feb 22 2012

Lessons From the Las Vegas Invitational

By: jwatson

This past weekend I coached my first ever 3 day Juniors Tournament in Las Vegas. I’ve spent many days recruiting this tournament, but have never stayed long enough to see the finals. This year, my club team played well enough to be in the final of the 18 Open Division.

Feb 7 2012

See It, Pass It

By: rlarsen

During my tenure as an Assistant Coach with the USA Men’s Team, I often had the opportunity to talk to Hugh McCutcheon about what were the most important skills for our players in our quest to win a Gold Medal in Beijing. Unequivocally, Hugh always said, “The premiere skill is the ability to see and read the game.” Research in this area further substantiates this opinion. “Expert batsmen, like experts from other striking sports, provide the impression of having ‘all the time in the world’ despite performing their skill under several challenging constraints” (Abernethy, 1981).

Feb 2 2012

Thoughts on Serving

By: rbrowning


Jan 31 2012

Improvement IS Addictive

By: cjmcgown

This post comes to us from Dr. Steve Bain, who not only knows a lot about neuro-science, but is becoming quite a good volleyball coach as well.  Last year at the UW Coaching Clinic he shared some thoughts on improvement as it relates to chemical signals in the brain.  This is his brief summary of those thoughts: